May 15, 2012

Auction Yen, Where Have you Been?

So you're tired of only paying a few extra bills a month with your eBay income, and you want to start paying them all, and then some, with your eBay income. You can sell fairly well and you make a pretty good profit off the things you've listed.

All you need now is an idea.

Of course, eBay is the perfect place to look for ideas on what to sell. Especially now that the Want it Now! feature is available. If you could utilize this tool to its full potential, you could be ahead of the competition and have awesome product ideas all the time

Learn how to utilize the Want it Now! feature HERE

Developer David Guindon has come up with a genius idea. People are pretty much telling you what you want through Want it Now!, if there was just a way to gather that information, organize and see what buyers want and what the competition is.

You can do that with Auction Yen

David has developed a software that simply extracts the want-it-now data uncovering
HIGH demand, LOW competition product or niche ideas in minutes. Basically, you'll be getting a software that pulls the information from buyers, organizes that information so you can see how many people want a certian product compared to the amount of times a seller has responded to that request and you'll have a list of quality, in-demand product ideas in no time.

Check out Auction Yen

Take the guess work out of deciding what product to sell. Find out what eBay buyers want, directly from the eBay buyers themselves.

Take those ideas and start a list of great products you can start to search for specifically and know you'll profit from.

Try Auction Yen today. Click Here!

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